Alternative Remedies To Epilepsy


Epilepsy has been a recurrent problem for patients for centuries. Civilizations have thrived and gone, but the neurological disorder has plagued many patients through the sands of time. Today, millions of people suffer from it with so many dormant victims unaware of the impeding issue until they suddenly face an attack.

There have been many forms of cures, or attempts to cure the condition since it afflicted its first victim. When it was first thought of as being “demonic” in the earlier centuries, patients were cast out by society and made to go through rituals to please the gods. Later on while again facing seclusion, they were transported to mental institutions, as they were considered unstable. After facing many years of embarrassment and abandonment of society, victims found relief in advanced scientific research that they were merely endowed with neurological and brain abnormalities.

With the dawn of scientific reasoning, came the advent of pharmaceutical companies manufacturing medication that would control seizures. However, this is merely a temporary relief and postponement of epilepsy. Taking pills and medication should be the last resort when you know that a lifestyle change can make all the difference.

Here are alternative remedies to epilepsy that are easily attainable and can probably do the same job of separating you from epilepsy as any medication would, minus the chemicals:

  • Acupuncture

This is a traditional form of aesthetic medication that can prove to be quite reliable for neurological issues. There are needles that are poked into various parts of the body, particularly where the nerve endings are and these help calm the neurological part of your brain down. There still isn’t any valid proof that it will help cure epilepsy, but since it involves relaxing of nerves that lead to the parts of the brain that usually start hyper signaling and lead to epileptic seizures, acupuncture should work!

  • Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors are trained to manipulate certain regions of the body that get it to function properly without much pain. In fact, they are involved with controlling epileptic seizures when they occur. When you go for treatment, you need to inform your chiropractor that you are an epileptic and they will definitely assist you with curing the problem.

  • Ketogenic Diet

For those who suffer from epilepsy, they would mostly be aware about the Ketogenic diet. It involves the limited consumption of carbohydrates and protein. One needs to substitute their regular diet for more fatty options. However, we are not talking about the junk version of fat foods. This includes healthy fats from fish and fish oil, etc. Again, there is no scientific proof yet as to how this works, but it seems to help minimize the number of seizures in a patient.

Living with epilepsy can be quite difficult, especially because what are supposed “triggers” like stress and consumption of certain foods can cause a seizure which leaves the patient tired, disoriented and in suffering. Always seek medical advice first so you know you are doing the best and right thing that works for you to beat this condition.

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