Causes Of Epileptic Seizures


There are many people who, unfortunately, have seizures at some point in their lives. However, not all seizures are associated with epilepsy. To be diagnosed with the disorder the suspected patient needs to have at least 2 seizures. This is very unfortunate because each seizure is painful and traumatic and could on occasion even prove to be life-threatening especially if they are of the tonic-clonic kind.

The actual, definitive cause of epilepsy is not yet known. There are patients who might not even know they have an issue until the attack occurs. It is only after it happens that body scans determine that in almost all cases patients have neurological disorders. Here are some of the common detections of epilepsy:

  • In the neonatal period itself, the infant may have hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, infections in the central nervous system, metabolic disorders, congenital abnormalities, etc.
  • For those children below the age of 10 years, the common cause for epileptic seizures may be febrile seizures.
  • Symptoms occur most often in childhood and the child would show clear signs of nervous system abnormalities early on.
  • For adults, the causes of epileptic seizures are mostly due to substance abuse, frequent alcohol consumption, trauma, head injuries or brain tumors.
  • For the elderly, epileptic seizures do not occur often because they mostly live a sedentary lifestyle and do not indulge in activities that would provoke an epileptic attack. However, for those who do have seizures it is associated with mental issues such as dementia and other brain-related lapses.
  • General causes of epilepsy are associated with severe dehydration, low sodium in the body, blood sugar issues and anything else that is associated with the brain not being able to function normally due to starvation of essential nutrients like oxygen, blood, glucose, etc.

For those who do not have any brain issues or nervous system abnormalities, epileptic seizures are associated with excessive drug use, drug withdrawal, intake of medication that has not been specifically prescribed to the patient, etc. If there is over-abuse of the body that directly or indirectly affects the brain then the person is susceptible to an attack.

Other causes of epileptic seizures may be due severe head trauma caused by an accident or the cognitive area of the brain being damaged. Infections that include a parasitic attack on the brain or malaria that has reached its peak.

What we can conclude is that if there is any issue with the brain or nervous system that does not allow them to function to their full capacity or if they determine that there isn’t sufficient nutrition to carry on their daily activities, then the result is an epileptic fit of varying degrees.

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